• 2024 February 6
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World Economic Forum Establishes AI Governance Alliance to Ensure Safety in the Use of Artificial Intelligence

The World Economic Forum established the AI Governance Alliance, bringing together leaders from diverse sectors such as industry, government, academia and civil society to support the responsible global development and use of transparent and inclusive AI systems.

Key Goals of the AI Governance Alliance

  1. Building Secure Systems and Technologies: In this area, scientists and AI manufacturers will collaborate to develop and standardize technical safeguards in the field of innovative AI in order to create a consensus on the measures that should be taken during the development phase. This includes setting clear boundaries for AI development and use, standardizing terminology, aligning AI systems with human values and ethical principles, increasing transparency to foster accountability and trust, and establishing robust methods for assessing the safety and performance of innovative AI technologies.
  2. Resilient Governance and Regulation: The AI Governance Alliance focuses on bringing together public sector officials and regulators to create robust governance and institutions that can oversee innovative AI for years to come. In this framework, it is aimed to develop public sector solutions and infrastructures that can respond to the challenges posed by innovative artificial intelligence systems. Thus, the complexities that may arise in the future scenario where the public and private sectors collaborate will be foreseen in advance. Key focal points in setting this goal include fostering innovation, better understanding the specific needs of various sectors and regions and ensuring that technology functions as a positive force for humanity.
  3. Responsible Practices and Transformation: Leaders from the private and public sectors, civil society and academia will collaborate to illuminate how innovative AI is being applied in organizations by assessing the opportunities and risks associated with its adoption.


Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. The AI Governance Alliance, which was created to minimize the risks that may arise in the face of this rapid development of artificial intelligence by taking the necessary precautions and to publish the responsible use of innovative artificial intelligence applications, is of great importance as it both brings together leaders from various sectors such as government, academia and civil society and as it is the first major initiative in the world to ensure the safety of innovative artificial intelligence systems.